Ed Barnaby was fired and shipped away to Virginia in 2012

A few months after slandering a legal immigrant,

Ed Barnaby was fired and had to relocate to Virginia. 

Yale has a long tradition of corruption and disastrous mismanagement, for instance:    

A female lab researcher raped, strangled and buried upside-down in a wall; an undergrad found with her head smashed in a lathe machine; another undergrad stabbing his male “friend” and then jumping out of the Taft building to his death; an assistant “professor” with a double life as a drug-addicted, HIV-positive prostitute, killing himself in jail with a meth overdose, etc.

So, how do you avoid another scandal?

By putting all the blame on the victim, of course! 

All those deaths, rapes and scandals are public record, but FOR SOME MYSTERIOUS REASON they did not get any bad publicity on (now-defunct) malicious gossip sites like Ivy Gate Blog (ridiculous shit!) or Gawker (rest in peace, amen).  

Decrepit Jane Levin and her boobs 

At least not as much as the “boobs” of the Blessed Virgin Jane Levin! 🙂   

Compared to that horrible crime, everything else is absolutely fine! 


I wonder where that guy has found employment now…  

Hey Harris, what would happen to one of your colleagues, if he cussed and used sexist swearwords during a job meeting? 

Would he be fired in, like, 5 minutes? 

Hell, yeah! 


We are thieves, but don’t tell!

Barnaby graduated from White-Trash College with a thesis on administrative corruption and its financial, personal and professional consequences for students/scholars and their families. 

If you ask him, Barnaby will say that he didn’t really HAVE TO leave the Ivy League.

No, no, no.  

He just made a BIG SACRIFICE to raise his kids in a more KKK-friendly environment…


Virginia Gov. Northam between infanticide and the KKK. 

The same attitude towards Life. 

(And by the way, Micheal Jackson never dressed like a bum!)

His career will be “kept comfortable”… for now. 


Following your grievance and/or due to an accounting error and/or a new interpretation of your contract, we have decided to revoke your salary for your 5th and/or 6th year. And that has absolutely nothing to do with the grievance you filed against one of our partners in crime, Pamela Schirmeister. And here’s a confidential non-disclosure, non-disparagement contract for exactly the same amount of money, if you want to sign it…

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, you jackass! 

Your scam is over, son of a bitch!    

When Barnaby’s daughters go to college, perhaps they will meet a worthless son of a bitch like their father. He’ll steal their fellowships without showing any proof whatsoever that they were actually “disbursed in error” — as if Yale had ever paid any money to anyone, unless they really had to. 


The length of study is 72 months, i.e. 6 years.

Signed by Mr. Gang Wang (actual name), former Associate Director for International Students & Scholars at Yale. 

Barnaby did not correct his error even when the student produced the SEVIS, which is a document from the U.S. Department of Justice, stating the length of the study/work period, namely, 72 months = 6 years. 

The corrupt administration, including Barnaby, acted like the SEVIS meant nothing.   

Hey butt-fuck, does the Department of Justice know that they mean nothing?   

You should be in fucking jail!

Finally, because Barnaby authorized an illegal act and put his signature on it,

the administration held him responsible for the mess, and he got fired and shipped away to Virginia. 

No more ties with the university, right? 🙂 


Hopefully Barnaby didn’t have to take a significant pay cut, sell his house in New Haven, close the mortgage and take out another mortgage for something else in Virginia. Perhaps his interstate move wasn’t too expensive. 

And hopefully his wife didn’t have to quit her job,

perhaps because she didn’t have any to begin with.