Category: social critique

Hollywood Hypocrisy

Last edited in August 2019 Hollywood is having an identity crisis vis-à-vis the ultra-left of Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, etc.      A 70% or 90% tax on the super-rich? A 2% tax on assets over $50 million? How’s that

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  • 4th Feb, 2019

The world is going to end in 12 years!

Last edited in July 2019 Ocasio-Cortez declares that the world is going to end in 12 years — an episode which is later broadcast on national television, for everyone to see — and nobody wonders if she’s completely crazy or

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  • 23rd Jan, 2019

Carol Chiodo admitted to Yale without a B.A.

Last edited in August 2019 I don’t think we’ll have a woman President in the United States any time soon, and the main reason, the main problem, is women themselves. Early on, women are not educated to feel respect and

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  • 30th Dec, 2018

The Elite is George W. Bush’s Base

Last edited in July 2019 The first rule of propaganda is to confuse good and evil, to present good as evil and evil as good, and to turn the truth upside down. Here’s Republican George W. Bush from Yale, rallying

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  • 21st Jun, 2018

My Husband’s the Perfect Gentleman

Last edited in August 2019 First published on December 27, 2016 @ 15:07  Pam was looking for a husband, so I gave her my best advice on PLR rock radio: “Hi Pam, I joined the club just for today

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  • 27th Dec, 2016