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Alan Dershowitz on the College Scandal

March 12, 2019 Alan Dershowitz on the college admissions scandal:  Live interview by Melissa Francis for Fox News (Alan Dershowitz) Well, first of all, this is the worst scandal involving elite universities in the history of the United States. Let there

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  • 13th Mar, 2019

Joe Biden’s “basic human decency”

Last edited on March 19, 2019 Un-fucking-believable! I had so much material for this Roman Satire, I decided to highlight a different main pic for each of my websites. Check them out… This November, Joe Biden is

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  • 18th Feb, 2019

Hollywood Hypocrisy

Last edited on March 4, 2019 Hollywood is having an identity crisis vis-à-vis the ultra-left of Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, etc.      A 70% tax on the super-rich? A 2% tax on assets over $50 million? How’s that supposed

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  • 4th Feb, 2019

Two big failures: Antony & Paula Mazzotta

Last edited on March 4, 2019 A passage similar to this was published in my previous article, Court Documents for Solovieva, Saussy and Wang. But these scammers deserve personalized attention.  I’m going to talk about an illegal situation that’s also very, very

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  • 30th Jan, 2019

Carol Chiodo & the Fake Feminists

Last edited on March 4, 2019 I don’t think we’ll have a woman President in the United States any time soon, and the main reason, the main problem, is women themselves. Early on, women are not educated to feel respect

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  • 30th Dec, 2018

Take the Money and Run!

  Last edited on March 4, 2019 Hey, asshole! Could you please return the money I gave you when you were BROKE?   And please… Tell your fucking crazy wife to GET A JOB! Get a jobby job, you fucking envious

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  • 15th Dec, 2018

Tips for Commercial Real Estate

Last edited on March 4, 2019 My husband and I have a successful real estate Limited Liability Company in the United States, for which we’ve been studying and working over many years. If you think you can do it too,

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  • 17th Nov, 2018