Anna Iacovella: a stupid, crazy pig from a worthless school run by nuns

Financial Fraud Sexual Harassment at Yale

If a college or university wants federal funding, it must abide by federal laws. But for many years now, this has not been the case at Yale.

All government funding (ca. 600 million dollars) should be revoked until Yale publicly acknowledges and eliminates 1) all the sex offenders on its payroll; 2) its widespread nepotism and cronyism, i.e. the hiring of wives, ex-wives, mistresses and “personal friends” for teaching positions without the necessary academic qualifications and without job searches on a national/international scale.

This is a source of terrible discrimination against women, minorities and better academic candidates of any gender and nationality; and it also damages the students (and their families) who have invested considerable time and money at all levels of their education over the years.

The amount of money involved in this financial fraud is much higher than the one reported in the Varsity Blues college admission scandal.

No more public tax money should be wasted for Yale until 1) the culprits are tried and face justice; 2) they make restitution to the victims of sexual abuse/harassment and sexual discrimination; 3) all the information about such crimes are disclosed to the public, so that everyone may be able to make an informed choice regarding their investments in education.

In particular, it is necessary that students and their parents be made aware of what can happen when widespread corruption and sexual misconduct in academic settings are not only tolerated, but actively supported and protected by means of questionable political friendships, bribery and the misapplication of existing laws, such as the strict liability, which was actually meant to protect the victims, not the perpetrators, of sexual abuse/harassment and sexual discrimination.


Senior faculty habitually lobby the corrupt administration – e.g. Richard and Jane Levin, Tom Pollard, Ed Barnaby, Pam Schirmeister, etc. – in order to have their wives, ex-wives, mistresses and “personal friends” hired at Yale without the necessary scholarly merit and academic credentials.

In this way, these parasites are allowed to:

1) waste public tax money by means of fake Affirmative Action claims;

2) double their salary and benefits, e.g. instead of making $120,000/year plus healthcare benefits and retirement contributions, they can make a combined salary of $200,000/year plus twice the benefits. And this baseline comes with even more free money for relocating to Connecticut, special mortgage rates on the purchase of certain real estate properties in the area, generous “reimbursement” for travels and meals, as well as preposterous academic grants and fellowships – all paid for by the university;

3) damage the career of all other women who have already been hired at Yale, or may be hired based on academic merit, but who are not somehow related to faculty;

4) discriminate against everyone else who applies for a position at Yale, esp. women and legal immigrants, since many of the women involved in this massive fraud are not U.S. citizens but come from foreign countries like Russia and China, and can be claimed to fulfill certain Affirmative Action quotas in order to get government funding for “diversity”;

5) lower the quality of instruction for graduate and undergraduate students, wasting their time and high tuition fees;

6) create a hostile and discriminatory environment for graduate students and junior faculty;

7) make a joke of academic standards that regulate universities worldwide, in particular: best hiring practices based on academic merit; the avoidance of even the appearance of conflict of interests; the avoidance of even the appearance of plagiarism, etc.

8) Furthermore, this financial fraud is destroying the First Amendment, freedom of expression and academic freedom, since the criminals involved try to punish and retaliate against anyone, any person or whistleblower who dares to denounce such illegal and shameful “state of affairs,” pun intended.

It is important to remark that the parasites hired by means of nepotism and cronyism do not have the necessary academic qualifications.

In one instance, where the factual evidence comes from public court documents – Saussy v. Saussy, Superior Court, Judicial District of New Haven at New Haven, CT, Docket # FA-07-4027957 S – Ms. Yu-Lin Wang, one of the women involved, had no employment history whatsoever and was not even able to express herself fluently in English!

Here are a number of examples that we can describe in detail, mainly coming from departments of humanities at Yale.

Unfortunately, this seems to be only the tip of the iceberg, and only a thorough, impartial investigation – if such a thing even exists in this country – can reveal the full extent of such massive financial fraud, e.g. by looking at who’s been hired in the administration, in departments of science and technology, as well as in professional schools such as Yale Law, Med and Divinity. A lot of dirt is likely to come up and be exposed just by scratching the surface.

As we said before, the amount of money lost in this financial fraud is much higher than the one reported in the Varsity Blues college admission scandal.


11) Giuseppe Mazzotta: The Al Capone of Yale

12) Carol Chiodo: Millions of dollars wasted for an ignorant pig

13) Anna Iacovella: a nutjob from a shitty school run by nuns

14) Michael Farina: an idiot from the University of Connecticut

Giuseppe Mazzotta (b. January 1, 1942 in Curinga, 88022 Province of Catanzaro in Calabria) has been selling access to Yale in exchange for money since the 1980s. From a legal perspective, these well-documented cases (the Chiodos, Iacovella and Farina) can be seen as rather “successful” instances of bribery and corruption, where there was a commonality of intent between Mazzotta, as senior faculty and chairperson, and the candidates applying for employment or fellowships in the Italian dept.

But there may be many more cases of extortion, where Mazzotta unsuccessfully tried to get money and other “personal favors” in exchange for a hire, promotion, or simply admission to a fully funded graduate program – at which the candidates refused to comply, withdrew their candidateship and kept silent for fear of retaliation, defamation and all their consequences.

Having said that, if Mazzotta and other crooks and criminals at Yale are now publicly exposed and denounced, all these silent victims could finally find the courage to come forward, give witness and tell their stories. That’s also why it is crucial to increase public awareness of academic corruption, which affects millions of people in the country. Indeed, it does affect every parent sending his or her kids to college/university. These things can happen and do happen, and people have the right to be informed, so they can protect themselves and their families, and make better choices with their precious time and money.


Ignorant, fat, old, ugly cunt with fake teeth.

Looks very much like a pig! 

Mazzotta illegally admitted Carol Chiodo (b. 1/17/1966), married to one of his dear friends from Italy, Piero Chiodo, to a fully funded six-year doctoral program at Yale, despite the fact that 1) she did not even have a bachelor’s degree; 2) she was 41 and had been out of school for more than twenty years, with no letters of recommendation and no previous experience in a university; and 3) she had only attended a religious, private high-school for individuals with learning disabilities like autism and ADHD. This is a link to Liceo Linguisitco Cadorna:

All the best schools and universities in Italy are public, non-denominational and owned by the State. Religious high-schools are reserved for disadvantaged people with low IQ, retardation or other mental dysfunctions and disabilities such as ADHD and autism. In addition, since they are for pay, religious high-schools are regarded as phony and corrupt. For instance, struggling or lazy students who must repeat one year in the public system may choose to withdraw, purchase a “two-years-in-one” packet in one such school, come back and see if they can finish in time, like all the others.

Coming from that type of background, and with those types of challenges, anyone would face a lot of problems finding a decent job in Italy, where unemployment in general and youth unemployment in particular have skyrocketed – and by “decent” we mean working at a mall or delivering mail, let alone teaching Italian language in the Ivy League! That’s just comical and ridiculous.

But Mazzotta has been abusing Yale for decades exactly like mobsters from Calabria typically abuse the Italian state, stealing from taxpayers to finance a luxurious lifestyle, with a house in Woodbridge, CT and another one on Long Island, with frequent trips and vacations, etc.

For years, Mazzotta’s bribery and corruption went to finance a lifestyle he couldn’t otherwise afford. At the same time, he used the money to pay for himself and his closest relatives, as they have faced some crippling illnesses and work-related problems.

More specifically, Mazzotta suffers from coronary and heart disease, is a functional alcoholic who habitually drinks with students, grossly overweight and at constant risk of a heart attack. His wife Carol Anne (b. 1947) has been struggling for decades with a severe form of depression and mental illness. Mazzotta’s daughter Paula (b. 1976) only managed to get a B.A. in “social work” from a minor college, has remained unemployed for years, and was recently involved in a devastating car accident that Yale refused to cover, since its health plan expires when dependent “children” turn 26. Finally, Mazzotta’s son Antony (b. 1975) cannot make ends meet as a traditional cartoonist without computer skills, cleaning up other people’s comic strips, with a housewife and two kids in California, etc.

These are objective facts and easily verifiable even by an investigative journalist – let alone an intelligence agency looking to recover some of the public and private money lost with this fraud. Mazzotta uses his family situation to look like a victim and justify his bribery and corruption; indeed, he often complains about his wife’s mental illness, old age and lack of sex appeal as pretexts to sexually harass students – which will be an important topic of discussion in the sections below concerning sexual harassment, discrimination and defamation.

Going back to Ms. Chiodo, it’s important to point out that in order to win an international contest for a fully funded doctoral program, candidates must be recent graduates with at least a B.A. from a prestigious college or university; as well as being recommended by at least three prominent scholars who did recent academic work with the candidate.

Chiodo is the exact opposite of this. But thanks to Mazzotta’s greed, bribery and mobster-like behavior, she was admitted and supported for years at the expense of students, taxpayers and many superior graduates coming not only from top Italian universities, but from Yale itself.

On top of being admitted without any academic credentials, Chiodo received many lucrative teaching jobs throughout her program (2007-14) and even after, including a post-doc fellowship over a number of years for at least $55,000/year with benefits.

Chiodo received teaching appointments during all those academic years as well as in the summers – and it’s important to notice that a Yale summer class in Tuscany typically pays at least $10,000. Everything was a complete waste of public and private money, a huge academic and financial fraud against better candidates, paying students and their families. And in the end, Ms. Chiodo now works as an office employee, having nothing to do with academic scholarship.

But there are even more instances of bribery, corruption and plagiarism in connection with the Chiodos. In 2013-14, when she was ca. 37-38, Paula Mazzotta (b. 1976) was severely injured in a car accident. Being unmarried and with no health insurance of her own, Yale refused to cover the $200,000 medical bill. But Mazzotta’s friend from Italy, Mr. Piero Chiodo, a former IBM exec, had a better and more “practical” idea to solve the problem.

In exchange, Mazzotta personally wrote and plagiarized Ms. Chiodo’s dissertation, copying almost verbatim from his old published material – a ridiculous mumbo-jumbo of pretentious academic babble – something completely foreign to anyone with a pathetic high-school diploma from Liceo Cadorna for autistic kids.

Then, as chairperson of her dissertation committee, Mazzotta approved it as a matter of course, no questions asked. Notice that so-called “dissertation committees” in the Yale Italian dept are made of old friends of Mazzotta’s as well as junior faculty who need Mazzotta’s approval to get promoted. Of course, Chiodo’s dissertation was never published; she now works as an office employee without any academic standing; and all the money that Yale paid for her ignorance and incompetence over the years was completely lost and wasted.

But from her selfish and narrow-minded perspective, Ms. Chiodo used all that bribery and waste as an occasion to find a better job than the one she had prior to her admission in 2007. So, now, her husband’s “investment” is having a “good return” in terms of salary increase and benefits.

It’s difficult to estimate how many undergraduate and graduate students, and their families, were damaged by this academic and financial fraud.

Likewise, it’s difficult to estimate how many better prepared candidates were damaged in their academic careers by the criminal partnership between Mazzotta and the Chiodos, as they stole important financial resources from Yale and took away rare teaching jobs, especially in a small, marginal and languishing dept like Italian. But all things considered, we’re certainly talking about a multi-million-dollar financial fraud.

Farina and Iacovella are two other instances of bribery and corruption involving Mazzotta and the Italian dept, with a similar crime pattern.

Michael Farina has a B.A. and M.A. in Italian, which he didn’t earn in Italy where it’s competitive, but locally, in Connecticut, from the inferior and inconsequential “University of Connecticut.” Nevertheless, Mazzotta appointed him to one of the best academic posts on the market: a full-time senior lectureship with benefits just to teach “Elementary Italian” to undergrad students, with no scholarship requirement. Obviously, Farina’s wealthy parents have paid Mazzotta a lot of money to keep their retarded child occupied and doing something out of the house.

Anna Iacovella is a candidate without academic qualifications, once again coming from a religious private school, Sant’ Orsola Benincasa in Naples:  

Nevertheless, her “personal friend” Mazzotta picked her for a full-time lectureship to teach Italian language, renewable over the years and without any requirement to engage in academic debate and/or publish any academic scholarship.

That would be a dream job for even a tenured professor in Bologna or Venice; but no national or international search was ever conducted to fill that well-paid and comfortable post. What was the nature of the “exchange” or quid-pro-quo between Mazzotta and Iacovella? Was the bribery purely monetary or also sexual?

Best hiring practices mandate that in order to teach Italian, from elementary to advanced level, you need to hire native speakers with advanced academic degrees from the best Italian universities, who have lived in the country, are able to compare its history and culture to those of many others, and have a first-hand experience of what they’re talking about.

And if the full-time position is made available in one of the top Ivy-League universities, there need to be a search specifically directed to the best universities in Italy: first of all, Bologna Alma Mater and then all the other big programs in language and linguistics, esp. Venice, Parma, Rome, Florence, Padua, etc. Notice that all the best universities in Italy are public and owned by the state – much like Paris, Oxford and Cambridge, which were actually founded after Bologna, est. 1088.

Religious universities have no status whatsoever in Italy: they are extremely corrupt, and reserved to individuals with special needs, lower IQ, mental retardation and other illnesses such as autism, etc. Not exactly the most qualifying background for the Ivy League.




Saussy v. Saussy

Connecticut Superior Court Judicial District of New Haven at New Haven

May 29, 2009

2009 Ct. Sup. 8912 (Conn. Super. Ct. 2009)

Memorandum of Decision

Public court documents now also available online in the public domain, e.g.


“The court finds that the husband’s claim that the breakdown of the marriage was due to his wife’s lack of support is not supported by the credible evidence. This court finds the husband to be at greater fault for the breakdown of the marriage, as evidenced by his mental state and by husband’s extramarital relationship with another woman.” ((Memorandum of Decision, Further Findings and Orders, p.20)


“The husband claims the breakdown of the marriage was caused by the wife’s lack of support in his professional life. He also claims that the wife refused to join him at professional events, that she accused him of being selfish and self-indulgent, and that she put herself between him and the children. He further claims that her lack of support for his career moves resulted in his suffering from suicidal thoughts and depression (6).” 

“Note 6. Husband testified that in 2001 he had one year leave from Stanford (to write a book) and that he was so conflicted over whether or not to accept the position at Yale that he spent ‘most of the year lying on the floor of [his] office being obsessed with thoughts of suicide.’ (T 12/15/08, P.119)” 

“Mr. Farmer, a longtime friend of the husband, testified that husband had confided in him [sic] that he was unhappy with the marriage for a long period of time. In 2001, the husband was treated by a psychiatrist and was prescribed medications for depression.”

“The wife claims, for the most part, that the parties had a happy marriage and shared a common interest in Chinese literature and family life and that she always put her husband’s needs first. She testified that she had witnessed emotional instability on the part of her husband throughout the marriage, but she tried to support him in his work and was proud of how successful he had become as a scholar in ancient Chinese literature. (7)”

    “Note 7. The wife described her husband as very insecure and ‘socially kind of weird.’ She stated that while husband enjoys social events, he doesn’t know how to behave and that his ‘mood [is] always up and down very much.’ (T 1/6/09). The wife also described certain troubling conduct by the husband during the course of the marriage, such as banging his head against a wall, and other bizarre behaviors.”   

Her claims regarding husband’s personality were corroborated by husband’s aunt, Eugenia Commack. (8)”

“Note 8. Ms. Commack described the husband as having been a ‘very bright but very troubled child’ who was unable to socially interact. Her testimony described the wife as a supportive and loving spouse.” 

“The wife claims she became aware of the magnitude of the problems in their marriage in the summer of 2007, after the daughter accessed her husband’s computer and discovered emails between her husband and another woman. (9)”

“Note 9. The court accepts as credible the testimony of the wife, that in the summer of 2007, the daughter accessed the husband’s computer for her personal use and found the husband’s personal communications with [Ms. Solovieva], evidencing the extramarital relationship, and that the daughter then shared this information with her mother. (T 1/5/09, p. 136)”

“The testimony of the parties reveal a marriage wherein the husband controlled virtually every aspect of familial life. the husband brought his wife to the United States knowing that she was not fluent in the English language and he determined the family was to speak only Chinese in the home. He further determined that there would be no television in the home. The wife was often uncomfortable in academic and/or social settings because she did not become fluent in English and it is apparent that the husband blames the wife for her discomfort…” (Memorandum of Decision, pp.5-6)