The Elite is George W. Bush’s Base

The first rule of Russian-style ideological propaganda is to confuse good and evil, present good as evil and evil as good, and turn the truth upside down.

Here’s Republican George W. Bush from Yale, rallying what he calls “the haves and the have-mores,” meaning the top one percent: “Some people call you the elite — I call you my base.” 

We’re talking about very old “loyalties” and very old money that will never change hands in centuries, let alone in just a few years from Bush to Obama. So, what’s going on? 

Have the magnetic poles inverted, all of a sudden, or are we dealing with propaganda here? 

George W. Bush – The Elite Is My Base

George W. Bush’s 2000 Al Smith Dinner Speech

The first video was featured in Micheal Moore’s epic documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11.

Michael Moore is a great advocate for all the poor and the disadvantaged, mostly Democrats, in the Rust Belt, e.g. Roger & Me. Incidentally, he is also one of my favorite filmmakers. 

In case you don’t know what the Rust Belt is, start with Wiki: “The Rust Belt is a region of the United States, made up mostly of places in the Midwest and Great Lakes, though the term may be used to include any location where industry declined starting around 1980. Rust refers to the deindustrialization, or economic decline, population loss, and urban decay due to the shrinking of its once-powerful industrial sector.”  

Look carefully at the following video from Roger & Me.

Moore’s entire family were blue collar workers, and traditional Democrats, employed for life at General Motors. And what does a thief and a state parasite like Lisa Page think of the workers who made America great for the first time, after WWII?

“Poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy pieces of shit” who think that Hillary Clinton “will magically grant them” a state job and a state pension “for doing nothing” exactly like Page herself. 

We’re all so sorry that your life plans were derailed forever, you dirty dumb bitch. 

Speaking of dumb, la résistance is a feminine French word.

And speaking of cultural appropriation, the Italian resistance was not only against Fascists but also against violent Communists, who ravaged the country kidnapping, torturing and killing people.   


A crazy bat from hell…

He’s possessed! 😉 

Oops, she forgot her dildo!

His wife doesn’t know it yet, but Peter likes to get fucked in his old strzok! 😉 


Are you sure these parasites are going to steal less state money and help you, instead? 

Think again. 

 The difference between Republicans and Democrats has nothing to do with gender, race or religion — or rather, religious hypocrisy, sanctimony and self-righteousness. And it has everything to do with MONEY.

If you own property — stocks, real estate, private businesses, professional jobs that require an initial investment, etc. — you will want SMALL GOVERNMENT and LOWER TAXATION.

If you’re a bum and own nothing, instead, or if you work for the state — and other state-funded institutions like colleges and universities — then you’ll look for BIG GOVERNMENT and HIGHER TAXATION. 

In this way, someone else will have to pay for your subsistence, or for a state job where your lazy ass doesn’t need to do anything other than creating problems and making messes, like Strzok and Page.  

And if you’re a parasite stealing state money — as in Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport — then someone else will pay for your 6-digit pension, for which you have never spared the necessary capital. 

FYI, in order to get a mere $100,000 pension, one must have at least $4,000,000 spared and invested productively in the stock market. 

So, Cardi, don’t do like Tupper Saussy, now, but pay your damn taxes 😉  

“What is ya fucking niggas doing with my fucking money???” 

Here’s a budding Republican 😉 

And she”ll feel even better with Elizabeth Warren or Elizabeth Warren! 🙂 




Saussy v. Saussy

Connecticut Superior Court Judicial District of New Haven at New Haven

May 29, 2009

2009 Ct. Sup. 8912 (Conn. Super. Ct. 2009)

Memorandum of Decision

Public court documents now also available online in the public domain, e.g.


“The court finds that the husband’s claim that the breakdown of the marriage was due to his wife’s lack of support is not supported by the credible evidence. This court finds the husband to be at greater fault for the breakdown of the marriage, as evidenced by his mental state and by husband’s extramarital relationship with another woman.” ((Memorandum of Decision, Further Findings and Orders, p.20)


“The husband claims the breakdown of the marriage was caused by the wife’s lack of support in his professional life. He also claims that the wife refused to join him at professional events, that she accused him of being selfish and self-indulgent, and that she put herself between him and the children. He further claims that her lack of support for his career moves resulted in his suffering from suicidal thoughts and depression (6).” 

“Note 6. Husband testified that in 2001 he had one year leave from Stanford (to write a book) and that he was so conflicted over whether or not to accept the position at Yale that he spent ‘most of the year lying on the floor of [his] office being obsessed with thoughts of suicide.’ (T 12/15/08, P.119)” 

“Mr. Farmer, a longtime friend of the husband, testified that husband had confided in him [sic] that he was unhappy with the marriage for a long period of time. In 2001, the husband was treated by a psychiatrist and was prescribed medications for depression.”

“The wife claims, for the most part, that the parties had a happy marriage and shared a common interest in Chinese literature and family life and that she always put her husband’s needs first. She testified that she had witnessed emotional instability on the part of her husband throughout the marriage, but she tried to support him in his work and was proud of how successful he had become as a scholar in ancient Chinese literature. (7)”

    “Note 7. The wife described her husband as very insecure and ‘socially kind of weird.’ She stated that while husband enjoys social events, he doesn’t know how to behave and that his ‘mood [is] always up and down very much.’ (T 1/6/09). The wife also described certain troubling conduct by the husband during the course of the marriage, such as banging his head against a wall, and other bizarre behaviors.”   

Her claims regarding husband’s personality were corroborated by husband’s aunt, Eugenia Commack. (8)”

“Note 8. Ms. Commack described the husband as having been a ‘very bright but very troubled child’ who was unable to socially interact. Her testimony described the wife as a supportive and loving spouse.” 

“The wife claims she became aware of the magnitude of the problems in their marriage in the summer of 2007, after the daughter accessed her husband’s computer and discovered emails between her husband and another woman. (9)”

“Note 9. The court accepts as credible the testimony of the wife, that in the summer of 2007, the daughter accessed the husband’s computer for her personal use and found the husband’s personal communications with [Ms. Solovieva], evidencing the extramarital relationship, and that the daughter then shared this information with her mother. (T 1/5/09, p. 136)”

“The testimony of the parties reveal a marriage wherein the husband controlled virtually every aspect of familial life. the husband brought his wife to the United States knowing that she was not fluent in the English language and he determined the family was to speak only Chinese in the home. He further determined that there would be no television in the home. The wife was often uncomfortable in academic and/or social settings because she did not become fluent in English and it is apparent that the husband blames the wife for her discomfort…” (Memorandum of Decision, pp.5-6)