The miracles of compound interest

A metaphor for his life: they tried to screw him over, but he won a Nobel anyway ūüėȬ†

According to Einstein, “Compound interest is the¬†eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.‚Ä̬†He also called “the power of compound interest” “the¬†most powerful force in the universe.”

I’m happy it’s been a very strong bull market since the end of 2016, right after Trump’s election.¬†

To my readers in Europe, I should point out that in the United States, you do not have 37 different political parties that can’t even form an alliance to govern the country, let alone change things for the better. Here there are only¬†two main parties, reps and dems, while it’s very, very difficult to get elected as an independent candidate.¬†

Republicans are for small government and low taxation, so if you have taxable property and own stocks, real estate, etc., then you’re better off on the right. Democrats instead are for big government and high taxation. So, if you¬†rely on different types of state subsidy because you do not have taxable property and do not own stocks and real estate, then¬†you’re better off on the left. This is also true for universities, especially state universities, which are heavily dependent on state funding. The case of private universities is more nuanced, as many private donors are rich republicans.¬†¬†

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll, but you can start here:¬†


Avoid buying stocks directly – unless, of course, you’re investing in your own company like Elon Musk.¬†


Avoid buying stocks through the banks.¬†Banks will charge high “management fees” just for signing up with them. And they will charge you no matter what, whether you win or lose. Whether you win or lose, the banks will always win on your old ass ūüėȬ†¬†



Pay your taxes using a professional accountant or accounting firm.   

Don’t do like Tupper Saussy who was sentenced for tax evasion. To avoid serving jail time, he absconded and lived like a bum for more than 10 years (!), eating and taking occasional showers in shelters. Eventually, the¬†feds caught up with him in California – so, he¬†ended up in jail anyway.

What a waste: so much for so little. 

Rest in Peace, disappointed lover of self-praise. 



Be careful and avoid real estate fraud, which is very common in the United States. 


Don’t buy anything that’s built directly on the ocean. Statistically, you’ll see many more than just one bad storm or tornado in 30 years. But even only one of those motherfuckers is enough to annihilate your equity, leaving you to pay a mortgage for a non-existent home for the rest of your life.¬†


Avoid¬†anything that’s made of wood and plastic. These materials are, first of all, a fire hazard. Then they’re very difficult to heat during the winter and keep cool during the summer. They need constant maintenance and renovation. And in the end, even if you do renovate, they still look like white trash.¬†

For my European readers: the inner structure is made of wood, while the outside is plastic.


I know you would never even dream of buying junkers like that, but many Americans do, mostly because they’re ignorant, can only see themselves and¬†have a very insular culture — and in truth, the parochial and local nature of mainstream media does not help them expand their narrow horizons.

Americans don’t know and sometimes don’t even care¬†to know¬†other countries, cultures and lifestyles. And even if they do, they’re convinced they are the best, so they never learn anything anyway ūüėȬ† As Winston Churchill once said, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”

So, this piece of advice is not for them as much as it is for you, guys: If you’re not careful with realtors, they’ll try to hook you up with one of these white-trash junkies for life ūüėČ Welcome to Corrupticut!¬†


Art installation by Paul McCarthy in Paris: Christmas tree or butt plug? 


Dott.ssa Maleti 



And this is common sense, but apparently many people don’t get it:

Don’t buy anything that’s built on a volcanic island…¬† ¬†¬†


Be aware that DIVORCE is the first cause of BANKRUPTCY. And for most people, it aggravates preexisting problems with depression, legal and illegal drug addiction, and alcoholism, e.g. Haun Saussy and Olga Solovieva, aka Olga Boozava.  

Wow, there’s a 750 ml wine bottle in that glass!

But I bet she doesn’t take pix when she works on her Russian vodka ūüėȬ†¬†


Don’t cheat on your cunning Chinese wife with a stupid grad student who looks like crap.¬†

But if you do, do NOT also plagiarize, ehm, “supervise” her crappy comp.lit. dissertation on the “Body of Christ,” then have it passed by a couple of friends of yours, and lobby for her to get an academic job she doesn’t deserve — so you can use her salary to pay for your ex-wife’s alimony.¬†


Conflict of Interest
Transparency and objectivity are essential in scientific research and the peer review process.

When an investigator, author, editor, or reviewer has a financial/personal interest or belief that could affect his/her objectivity, or inappropriately influence his/her actions, a potential conflict of interest exists. 

Such relationships are also known as dual commitments, competing interests, or competing loyalties. The most obvious conflicts of interest are FINANCIAL relationships such as: 1) Direct: employment, stock ownership, grants, patents. 2) Indirect: honoraria, consultancies to sponsoring organizations, mutual fund ownership, paid expert testimony. Undeclared financial conflicts may seriously undermine the credibility of the journal, the authors, and the science itself. An example might be an investigator who owns stock in a pharmaceutical company that is commissioning the research. 

Conflicts can also exist as a result of PERSONAL relationships, academic competition, and intellectual passion. An example might be a researcher who has: 1) A relative who works at the company whose product the researcher is evaluating. 2) A self-serving stake in the research results, e.g. potential promotion/career advancement based on outcomes. 3) Personal beliefs that are in direct conflict with the topic he/she is researching. 

Things you regret doing when you’re drunk.


A crappy dissertation on the “Body of Christ” written and/or supervised by an ignorant cheat in comp.lit.?


Oh, fucking fuck!

Don’t think for a minute that you’ll get away with an ACADEMIC and FINANCIAL FRAUD that’s crystal-clear, under everybody’s eyes. Especially now, when there are very few tenure tracks in the humanities, and the field is more than ever under scrutiny and under attack from both the private and public sector.¬†¬†

This type of shameless ACADEMIC and FINANCIAL FRAUD damages countless smarter students and scholars. It damages the institution of tenure and it is a complete P.R. DISASTER for the humanities. 

Indeed, all legitimate scholars should be appalled by the loss of credibility they experience whenever such corruption takes places and is brought to light. They should be the first to denounce and punish such crimes. Especially in the humanities, which is an already failing field with very few stable academic jobs and even fewer tenure tracks; where undergraduate enrollment is very limited and state funding is in constant decline. 

The corrupt humanities: a suicide squad. 


People were quick to criticize this guy from Hungary –¬†¬†

But how about all the academic frauds, fakes and phonies who pretend to be libertarians, progressives, socialists, egalitarians and lovers of women, just in order to get what they don’t deserve and steal what doesn’t belong to them? That’s so trite. It’s always the same story.¬†

Too many people¬†today see their own particular opinions as a FAITH and treat all other people as HERETICS if they disagree. Almost all of these paradoxical “faithful” are unable to have a smart and civil discussion with anyone else. They know they can’t win an argument,¬†so they¬†end up talking to themselves like madmen.¬†

To win an argument, you have to: 1) engage in a dialogue with your opponent/s;¬†and 2) be able to substantiate your particular point of view with cogent arguments.¬†If you can’t do that, you lose at the democracy game.¬†And if you’re unhappy with that, you should move to a totalitarian state like Russia, China or North Korea, where¬†they don’t give a FUCK about your personal opinion and¬†the only “truth” is what the party tells you to do through its political leader, Vladi or Xi or Kim — who have now been appointed for life.¬†

¬†As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to have anything to do with that stupid and hypocritical ideology.¬†I talk to all people in the same way, with the same respect, without imposing my ideas. And I reject all hypocrites who¬†support peace, love and rock ‘n’ roll in theory, but in practice behave like¬†Eric Schneiderman, perhaps the best example of American Psycho.¬†

These 2 videos are part of the same segment w/ Tammy Bruce,¬†Independent Women’s Voice (May 8, ’18)¬†

I want you to listen very carefully to this schizo saying bullshit psychobubble about “exposing predators,” “holding them to account” and changing “our culture of silence and violence” by “helping the survivors” who are “victims of discrimination” — because that’s exactly what has been going on for years at Yale, where the corrupt administration protects and promotes criminals such as:¬†Giuseppe Mazzotta, Haun Saussy, John Darnell, Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria, Thomas Pogge, Jaime Lara, Raymond Clark III, Rex Mahnensmith,¬†Rajendra Pachauri, Sam See, Michael Simons, etc.¬†



Tammy Bruce, “These are men who wrap themselves in the cloak of the Me Too movement, of feminism, who said that they were the champions for women and ended up being the men that they were warning everyone about.”¬†

Ctrl + D, Delete the previous item and move it to the Garbage Bin. 

Where is the international academic community? 

The guy with the crazy hair looks like my 90-year-old friend, Fritz:

a Joycean who, for the love of coherence, is scandalized by the U.S. President’s extra-marital affairs,

and a Swiss¬†who is deeply concerned about his immigration policy ūüėČ

Don’t you see the connection between academic corruption and unemployment?¬†

Don’t you realize that if people give the very few existing academic jobs to their bitches,¬†all the¬†legitimate candidates – people with more brains, culture and talent – will experience some type of “casualization”?¬†

Higher education is international, with a constant flux and migration of scholars from one country to the other. Academic ethics is the foundation of all academic activity, so there should be some control and supervision among academic institutions worldwide.

$$$ x 0 = ?

Students and their families will ask: “Where’s my fucking money?”¬†“What are you doing with my fucking money?”¬†

¬†¬†Hi Greg, would you ever write and/or supervise your bitch’s dissertation on the “Body of Christ”?¬†

And if you lobbied for your bitch to get an academic job at Oxford, what would your colleagues say?  

Lastly – and not that it matters – but what exactly do you know about the “Body of Christ”?¬†


So, what do you think Saussy knows, in comp.lit., to supervise anybody’s dissertation on that topic?¬†


Sheer, pure and unmixed ignorance: the biggest academic and financial fraud of them all. 

Let’s make another example to illustrate the link between corruption and unemployment.¬†¬†

Look at this pathetic girl, Maroula Perisanidi: she started off marginalized at Nottingham and is currently marginalized at Leeds as an underpaid temporary adjunct.

Now, she can’t even make a living — let alone buying a nice house, sparing for retirement, having kids, paying for their schooling, and so forth and so on.¬†Someone should just be honest and¬†tell her to find a serious job, with a decent¬†salary, so perhaps she can¬†make ends meet.¬†


What a fucking fraud, Nottingham. 

If you want to get a decent paying job, honey, first of all you have to fix your hair, buy some decent clothes and a pair of fancy glasses or contacts. Otherwise, you already look perfect for a grocery store. 

¬†Why would anyone study the classics at Nottingham or¬†Leeds,¬†when there are no decent academic jobs even for people with good “political friendships” out of Oxbridge and the Ivy League?

Why do they keep hiring useless graduate students, when there’s a backlog of TWENTY YEARS to find tenure tracks?¬†

How about all the adjuncts — euphemistically called “adjunct professors” — who are being exploited and¬†paid by the hour?¬†

Wouldn’t they want a tenure track at Chicago?¬†

Who among them is ever going to believe that a mad cow like Olga Stupidieva deserves that or any appointment anywhere?  


¬† Don’t cheat on your wife with someone who’s even uglier than her.


God is the best accountant, and his final bill never fails to come.  

Olga Solovieva: The Horror, the horror… Part II


Don’t have sex with your students, because sooner rather than later they will denounce you.

When that happens, don’t try to slander them¬†just to save your ugly old face and cover your old broken ass, because people can see clearly through your deception.¬†

Don’t try to kill young scholars in order to plagiarize and recycle their original academic work.¬†

You have already been publicly discredited, and¬†people already know you’re criminals and hypocrites.

Don’t worry – justice will catch up with you, too:¬† ¬†