Month: October 2016

The Islamist feminists

Last edited on March 5, 2019 MOTHERFUCKING BITCHES Without a referendum they bypass the border into Italy, France and Germany,  abuse our democracy and our social services — free healthcare, free schools, free speech, free elections in a free democracy — that took thousands of

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  • 27th Oct, 2016

Ugly bitches getting high on the streets…

Last edited on March 5, 2019 This looks like Sassy’s white-trash sister, down in redneck Tennessee. She goes around yelling that she can smoke pot, because she has “a deal” with her physician 🙂 Excuse me? FYI, no one can smoke

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  • 6th Oct, 2016

The fraud of uncertified translation

Last edited on March 5, 2019 CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS, CERTIFIED TRANSLATORS There’s a big academic (and financial) fraud connected to the world of translation, consecutive interpretation, language teaching and comparative literature, i.e. world literature in English translation. Let’s be clear: you are NOT

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  • 3rd Oct, 2016