How to finance a wall

Dear Donald (if I may), congratulations for expanding your majority in the Senate, but I don’t think you’ll ever get anything positive from the power-hungry thieves and hypocrites in the House — only envy, hatred and maledictions. They’re mad because

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  • 15th Dec, 2018

Comey Cannot Exonerate Clinton

The FBI is an investigative body of the EXECUTIVE branch of government, whose head is the President.  The duty of the FBI is to INVESTIGATE possible crimes, not to judge said crimes or make judicial determinations about criminal intention or lack thereof.

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  • 10th Dec, 2018

Tips for Commercial Real Estate

My husband and I have a successful real estate Limited Liability Company in the United States, for which we’ve been studying and working over many years. If you think you can do it too, you should first get some information from

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  • 17th Nov, 2018

Court Documents for Solovieva, Saussy and Wang

I finished editing this article today, November 6, Election Day, so you may want to recheck it for more info. It was a big success: my Firewall tells me that the average human views (no bots) were ca. 390,000 from more

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  • 15th Oct, 2018

Dr Robert Zimmer @ Chicago

Millions of people have been reading my satirical articles over the years, and I’m happy to have helped quite a few of them uncover academic crimes, corruption and hypocrisy, and to take the right decisions regarding academia, either for themselves or

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  • 16th Sep, 2018

Feedback from my students

Feedback from my students at Yale & Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA  Fun, love, typos and all 🙂 These kids are hilarious, they just crack me up! 🙂 🙂 🙂   === This is an image, or metaphor, for all

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  • 22nd Aug, 2018

The Social Media Scam

      How many people envy and hate others because they have never looked good — even for just one day — in their whole fucking life?  Nevertheless, they are very narcissistic and delusional when it comes to promoting their

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  • 25th Jun, 2018

The elite is George W. Bush’s base

The first rule of propaganda is to confuse good and evil, to present good as evil and evil as good, and to turn the truth upside down. Here’s Republican George W. Bush from Yale, rallying what he calls “the haves

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  • 21st Jun, 2018